DT320 Air Quality Sensor

DT320 is an advanced, configurable indoor air quality sensor aimed at building automation. Users can monitor the level of methanal, ammonia, ethanol, cigarette remotely through built-in NB-IoT wireless module. 

The outputs are 4 levels of the PPM. Widely applicable for hospitals,schools, campuses, dormitories, offices, factories, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, stadiums, public spaces, etc.


Detection of multiple gases

LED indicator

Open protocol

Remote monitoring

Low power consumption

Battery powered or DC powered

Network Diagram

Sensor →Base Station/Gateway→Cloud Server→Application



Dimension : 80*80*38mm

Measurement Elements : Methanal, Ammonia, Ethanol & Cigarette 

Output Level : Level 0: 0-1PPM; Level 1: 1-2PPM;

                           Level 2: 2-5PPM; Level 3: 5-9PPM

Power Consumption : Upload ≤600mA; Detection≤100mA 

Internal Battery : 1000mAh@ 3.7V Lithium Battery, Life time 10 days.

Recharge Interface : Micro-USB 500mA@5V

Recharge LED : Red: not full battery; Blue : Full battery. 

Air Quality LED : Level 0: Green flash, Blue off; Level 1: Green on, Blue off; 

                              Level 2: Green off, Blue flash; Level 3: Green off, Blue on; 

Wireless : NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox

Frequency :  NB-IoT: B3/B5/B8/B20/B28                                                                              

                       LoRaWAN: CN470/EU868/AU915 /US915/AS923 etc                                             

                       Sigfox: RCZ1/RCZ2/RCZ3/RCZ4

Working Environment : -40 ~ 85℃, 5~95%RH