DO300 Shared Parking Lock

The parking lock can be used to control access of parking lots, which can be shared using by wechat miniprogram or other 3rd party

DO300 Shared Parking Lock (NB-IoT, Lorawan, GPRS)

HWL Vinnie Hao


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DO300 shared parking lock is specially designed for parking space sharing control, which can remotely control locking and unlocking.

In addition, it can also detect the occupancy status of the parking space, which can be automatically locked when the vehicle leaves. When the reserved vehicle is driven near the parking space, it is automatically unlocked (this function requires platform support).

Through the built-in wireless communication module , the shared parking lock can interact with cloud applications.


  • Low-power wireless communication;
  • Ultrasonic parking space detection technology, accuracy rate is over 99%;
  • IP65 Ingress Protection level;
  • Combined with parking sharing applications to realize parking space sharing, reservation, and settlement.


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Application Cases

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