DG202 Personal GPS Tracker

NB-IoT Wireless communcation

HWL Vinnie Hao


DG202 terminal is a smart personal tracking card which is mainly designed for outdoor workers and students. Through the built-in NB-IoT module, it transmit the status to base station via NB-IoT sim card, then network server, application server. Finally administrator can monitor its position remotely.

It supports different frequency band, such as B1, B3, B5, B8 B20, and B28 etc.

Based on low power consumption, the internal battery can work for more than 10 days at standby time.

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● Precise positioning: High sensitivity, faster positioning speed, accurate position without drifting.

● Track record: Provide accurate positioning information, and automatically adjust the upload interval according to the moving speed of the DG202 device.

● Long standby time for more than 10 days

● NB-IoT wireless low-power communication

● IP68 Protection level: It is resistant to daily splashing and rain, and can be used in outdoor worker scenes.

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