DC600 Water Leak Sensor

NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox

DC600 Water Leak Sensor (NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox)

HWL Vinnie Hao


DC600 is a wireless water sensor that can be used in base stations, computer rooms, tunnels, fire water pipes and other places that need to detect water leaks; when the water immersion the detector, it will immediately trigger the sensor to report the alarm information to the application through the built-in wireless module (NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox). Users can observe status information remotely.



■Easy installation and operation

■Real-time response, fast detection, stable performance

■Low power consumption.

■Multiple application environments.


It can be widely used in communication base stations, computer rooms, archives, subsea tunnels, pipe corridor systems, equipment cabinets, fire pipes and other places where water accumulation alarm is required for water leak monitoring.