DC410 Manhole Level Sensor

Manhole sensor to detect movement and liquid level

DC410 Manhole Level Sensor (NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox)

Jingqi Wang



➽ The DC410 smart manhole Sensor with liquid level measurement is specially designed for the detection of well covers which need water, sewage level measurement . When the well cover shift, open or other abnormal situation appears, the device can timely alarm output to the use to indicate the current situation or status. 

➽ Furthermore it detects the liquid /solid level in the well and upload to the cloud server while alarm level triggered. Through the built-in LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Sigfox module, the detector can pass status information to network server, then the application server.

➽ Users can remotely monitor the manhole status, whether moved after installation or not.
This equipment can be widely used in smart city projects. Based on low-power algorithm, internal battery can work for more than 5 years. The IP67 waterproof level can meet stringent requirements for use and make it for use long life.


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➽ Water level detection function up to 8 meters

➽ Internal battery can work for more than 5 years 

➽ Low-power and wireless technology LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Sigfox

➽ IP67 waterproof Level,Sensitivity can be adjusted online


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