DC400 Manhole Sensor

Manhole cover movement monitoring

DC400 Manhole Sensor (NB-IoT, Lorawan, Sigfox)

HWL Vinnie Hao


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➽The DC400 smart manhole Sensor is specially designed for the detection of well covers such as electrical and sewage system. When the well cover shift, open or other abnormal situation appears, the device can timely alarm output to the use to indicate the current situation or status. 

➽Through the built-in NB-IoT/Lorawan/Sigfox module, the detector can pass status information to the base station, network server, then the application server. Users can remotely monitor the manhole status, whether moved after installation or not. This equipment can be widely used in smart city projects. 

➽Based on low-power algorithm, internal battery can work for more than 5 years. The IP68 waterproof level can meet stringent requirements for use and make it for use long life.


➽ Sensitivity can be adjusted online

➽ Internal battery can work for more than 5 years 

➽ Low-power and wireless technology NB-IoT/Lorawan/Sigfox

➽ IP68 waterproof Device protection Level






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