ZT20X Classification Waste Bin

4G wireless communication

ZT20X Smart Classification Waste Bin

Jingqi Wang


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This smart classification waste bin integrates voice recognition, automatic door opening, integrated full/empty, fire detection functions, with optional of solar power, and does not require external power. It can be widely used in outdoor waste bins for convenience, ease of use, Maintenance-free waste sorting.

Optional compression function, compresses the internal garbage to 1/5 of the original state, reduces the number of cleaning and removal, reduces the workload of sanitation and cleaning, and improves work efficiency.

Through the built-in wireless 4G module, data can be transferred to the cloud server. Managers can observe equipment status information remotely, and realize remote monitoring and

online maintenance of the status of the bin. Through the CNDingtek smart waste management SAAS software, users can also allocate transportation resources such as garbage removal vehicles

through the Web or mobile phone APP to achieve optimal path planning, thereby reducing operating costs and expenses.


  • Voice recognition and automatic door opening;
  • Optional compression mechanism, compressed to 1/5 of the original volume, minimizing the number of waste removal and removal;
  • Optional integrated solar power supply, no external power supply required, easy maintenance;
  • Compatible with the smart waste management SAAS platform, supporting Web and mobile apps;


Residential areas, communities, parks, public roads, etc.





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