DZ300 Cement Drum Sensor

Detect rotation speed and orientation

DZ300 Cement Drum Sensor

HWL Vinnie Hao


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➽The DZ300 is one kind of magnetic proximity sensors, which is specially designed for rotation speed and orientation detection. 

➽It has RS232 output as well as high/low digital output. The RS232 output the rotation speed in rpm and orientation in specified protocol of Dingtek. The high/low digital line output high or low according to the different orientation, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

➽It is applicable for rotation system, the speed of which is in 0-120 rpm. Especially it can be applied to status detection of mixing or discharging for the cement drum. Therefore, it can be used to detect if there is illegal discharging (output/unload) for the cement drum vehicle. Also, it can be used to detect the status of the fixed cement drum device with the embedded system or SCADA. 

➽Furthermore, DTU or PLC or GPS tracker can work with this sensor.



Application Cases

  • Cement mixer fleet management
  • Mixing device management
  • Other rotation device management

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