Thick accumulation, innovation and win-win--Dingtek 2018 annual meeting


DATE: 2018-07-30

On February 8-9, 2018, Beijing Dingtek Technology Co., Ltd., with the theme of “Thickness, Innovation and Win-Win”, will be held in Xiaotangshan Longmai Hot Spring and Hung Hom Hot Spring Resort.

The partners invited to attend the annual meeting include Huawei Technologies, Tianjin Hengda Yidu, Shengli Oilfield, Shandong Waterway Intelligence, Lihou Chemical, Jinan Judabangcheng, Shandong Wenyu Law Firm, and Qingyatang Chinese Medicine Tutorial Hall.


During the meeting, the general manager of Beijing Dingtek Technology Co., Ltd. shared the company's future strategic plan for the partners. The general manager of Tianjin Hengda Yidu shared the project of the boxed smart garbage bin networking project in Tianjin. The experience of landing, Mr. Cao of Shengli Oilfield introduced the application experience of intelligent oil wells.


Meeting begins


Mr. Wang Jingqi, General Manager, makes strategic planning and sharing


After the project is shared, it is a wonderful annual conference program. The program is rich and varied. There are not only songs, but also magic, essays, talk shows, operas, dances, etc., which fully demonstrates the team style and spirit of Beijing Dinghengtai Technology Co., Ltd. In 2018, Beijing Dingtek Technology Co., Ltd. will work with partners to innovate and win!